Selection Boxes

As much as I love Christmas, the food and presents in particular, I’m not the best buyer. I never know what people are going to want or need and I know I’ve been on the awkward receiving end of a dodgy gift or two.  On the subject of buying presents the other day someone mentioned ‘selection boxes’ and I realised I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas without one? Pressed for time, on a budget and with loads of ingredients to use up in the cupboard I had a moment of genius. Baked Selection Boxes! Image

So easy and gives you a great excuse to spend a day or two baking.  Cookies and brownies are crowd pleasers and it wouldn’t be a Christmas selection box without a mince pie, so I went with those three.


I stuck them in takeaway boxes (budget friendly, you could get nice ones or wrap them) tied a Christmassy ribbon around them and gave them to friends.Image

Instead of doing individual boxes for my housemates I left them a Roses tin full of baked goods to keep them going while I’m away. They’ll only last a couple of days but I take that as a compliment! Image

So there’s an idea for you if you’re struggling with gifts this Christmas! They might not be perfect for under the tree but they’re a nice gesture and a great way to get rid of all those leftover mince pies you’d never eat yourself.


2 thoughts on “Selection Boxes

  1. Nice idea! Baking has the added bonus of making your house smell good to!
    Another way of presenting them could be using old parcel boxes/sweet tins and wrapping them in xmas paper, then lining with kitchen roll.
    Merry Christmas!

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