Avoiding a Soggy Bottom for 2014.

I’ve been off the baking/blogging scene for a while, enjoying far too much sunshine and good food. There was absolutely no need for excess goodies in our house around Christmastime and there seemed to be no end to them! I’ve been sent back to Leeds with about a kilo of Christmas cake by my Dad because he claims he and Mum would never eat the whole thing themselves. What lies, he loves Christmas cake as much as I do and I’m well over halfway through this quarter in under a week. That’s not a complaint though, I’m savouring every slice! All the Christmas yumminess aside, the point of this was to share one of my favourite, baking related, presents this year:


My friends know me far too well. I read it on the plane home and finished it all in one go. As well as baking tips it explains a lot of the technicalities of baking and gives loads of history on how the recipes we use today were adapted and developed. It’s not for everyone but if you enjoy baking it’s most definitely worth a read! I did try a custard recipe and wasn’t too keen (post to come) but I’ll be trying out some more for sure. So that’s to come and I’ve also just kicked off the new year with some biscuits. I’m not quite sure how my resolution to kick my serious sugar habit is going to get on with my baking addiction, the two hardly complement each other. Oh well, challenge accepted.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and 2014 is off to a good start!


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