Top 5 summer eats

Leading a nomadic life this summer has meant the baking side of things has sort of fallen by the wayside. However, baker or nomad I am still human, I still need (and love) to eat. I love updating this blog so, while this isn’t a cake, brownie, or biscuit recipe it is a different offering of deliciousness – my top 5 summer eats. There’s nothing stopping you whipping up any dessert delights after you’ve read on and ignited your appetite!

They’re nationwide so if you happen to be in any of these places do check them out, in no particular order: top5eats


1.Caribbean Wrap, St. Nicholas Market, Bristol

The morning after the night before I decided a 45-minute walk into town was the perfect cure. Fuelled by the prospect of food I trudged through the downs into town. Past the harbourisde I made a beeline straight for the market. I’d spotted it earlier in the week and there was absolutely no other option. Market food is always cracking value and full of great flavour. Walking through St Nicks was like a sensory overload for my poor hungry brain and belly -too many choices for an indecisive girl with a raging appetite. I sampled Moroccan falafel and homemade iced tea. Drooled over stunning towers of cake and handmade pork pies, but Jamaica had me at jerk chicken. After Bristol Carnival the previous weekend a craving for Caribbean had been developing all week. I satisfied it for under a fiver with a huge helping of saltfish, various root veg, coconut creamed spinach and of course… rice and peas.

2014-07-19 15.03.22-1

2. Krab Pot, Port Isaac, Cornwall.

Having spent a couple of days exploring the Cornish coastline I was itching to get my claws into some crab. Ha, pun intended. A token visit to Doc Marten’s pad and a wander up the cliff side to admire the views was sufficient enough time for me to work up an appetite. It doesn’t take long. The menus in the restaurants were all pretty similar and it was the décor outside the Krab Pot that drew us in. Cosy is one way to describe it. The service left a little to be desired but that didn’t matter once I was served my plateful of dressed crab. The salad was a simple green one, the crab light and fresh – not overly dressed. It was a little on the pricey side but pretty standard for the area. If you’re looking for something more wallet friendly the sandwiches come in generous portions. Two thick slabs of homemade bread, filled with whatever you choose (crab is an option), served with a side salad and crisps. I heard one customer praise the moules mariniere to no end so those may also be worth a try. We rounded off with some clotted cream fudge from down the road, probably the highlight of my day. 

2014-07-01 13.35.56

3. Rustique, Lendal, York

I absolutely couldn’t fault this place. Go for the 2 or 3 course set menu, it’s not worth just having a main when you could have extra for the same price. The garlic mushrooms were creamy and cooked just right, not too soft for my liking. Following the mushrooms came pan-fried sea bass on sweet potato mash. The fish was lightly seasoned and the cream didn’t overpower the sweet potato. The leftover garlic sauce on the steak was ideal for soaking chips in – never content with having my own dinner I had to sample my partner in dining crimes too. Speaking of which, don’t bother with anything but the banana crepes for dessert. My crème brulee was good but I definitely suffered serious food envy as I watched the crepe, slathered in caramel and filled with warm gooey banana, disappear in front of me.

4. Kentish Canteen, Kentish Town, London

Just a tube stop away from Camden, Kentish Town is just as full of fantastic foodie finds. We hit the Kentish Canteen for some brunch on a Saturday morning and when my eyes clocked the Clonakilty Black pudding I knew we’d be getting good nosh. Like most great things in world Clonakilty pudding comes from all the way across the Irish Sea. Yes, I’m biased. The spice blend is top secret and they’d do well to keep it that way. Hearty and full of flavour the pudding was the perfect accompaniment to my wholemeal sourdough topped with eggs Florentine.

2014-08-09 11.26.59-2


5. El Piano, Grape Lane, York

The best meal I’ve had for four quid. Without a doubt. Value for money just doesn’t cover it. Students, get in here! York is absolutely full of fantastic little eateries and I’d passed El Piano a couple of times but never had the opportunity to go in. For £3.95 I ordered the soup and salad. As I was waiting for mine to take away I got an eyeful of the platters being ordered by those dining in. They looked immense and I was excited to see what treasures my takeaway box would reveal. The ‘salad’ was a pick n mix medley of kiwi and tomato salsa, red cabbage coleslaw, celery and potato salad, bulgur wheat with sultanas and, finally, a generous spoonful of hummus. Not just one but two different types of bread accompanied my massive pot of vegetable soup. I’d never tried cornbread before and was pleasantly surprised by it’s texture and slightly sweet flavour. An absolute must for a budget friendly lunchtime treat.

http://www.el-piano.com2014-08-12 14.00.59






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